What makes a great wedding DJ?

What makes a great wedding DJ?
A great wedding DJ is a consummate professional that should have a deep understanding of the the music for the occasion. He/She will be an important part of the overall vision, from the wedding gown down to the hors d’oeuvres and must strive to deliver on personal requests, as well as songs that match your individual needs.

Being a good DJ is about more than just providing the right music to suit the occasion, as he or she should exude personality, be knowledgeable about lighting and should speak well as the Master of Ceremonies. A top notch wedding DJ will know how to keep the rhythm flowing expertly throughout the reception while engaging professionally with the guests and keeping their feet tapping. Above all else a great DJ should be a perfectionist that has mastered their technical craft, is at ease in their role as an entertainer and in tune with the vibe on the dance floor.

The person you select for your wedding DJ is effectively a host who has the role of engaging with your guests and keeping the tempo flowing. It is important that the DJ knows how to control the volume so that the music does not drown out any possibility of guests engaging in table-side conversation. It is advisable to meet with the DJ prior to the wedding so you can create a soundtrack together that will be in perfect keeping with the happy event. It also helps if the DJ is familiar with the venue and can test out the acoustics and lighting in advance. A pre-wedding meeting can be used to arrange the choice of songs needed for the first dance and other memorable moments such as the cake cutting and the bouquet tossing. A meeting can be used to establish certain ground rules such as a coupleís openness to musical requests from the guests and any songs you wish to include on a do-not-play list. It is a chance to ensure the DJ knows exactly what song you want playing for the first couple’s dance and the daughter/father-of-the-bride dance.

An experienced DJ that is passionate about music and is honed in the use of their equipment will keep the music flowing seamlessly while mesmerizing your guests and skilfully interacting with them. They will create a mood that is in keeping with your wedding vision and have everyone up on the dance floor appreciating the atmosphere. A good DJ will be able to provide testimonials from satisfied clients and leave you happy to recommend them to other couples.

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